Phone BoothA New York publicist named Stuart Shepard calls his mistress every day at the same time from a phone booth. On this particular day, as Stuart goes into the phone booth he gets a call from someone who has been stalking him. Now the caller is threatening him that if he hangs up he will kill Stuart or someone nearby. With the entire city coming to the crime scene, Stuart is forced to remain on the line or risk the lives of others.

The movie opens with a quick walkthrough of New York. We soon meet Stuart Shepard, played by Colin Ferrell, as he walks into a phone booth. After he speaks with his mistress he gets a call from someone anonymous. The caller keeps Stuart on the phone and as others get angry and want to use the phone, someone starts a fight with Stuart. The caller then shoots the man and everyone thinks that Stuart is the one who did it. Now as the police arrive, Stuart must find a way to escape the phone booth without getting himself killed or someone else.

This was an excellent movie. It appeared to have only one scene throughout the entire film. The movie opens with us meeting Stuart Shepard, and we follow him throughout the entire film. He goes into the phone booth very early in the movie and it’s non-stop from there. He must remain in the phone booth while police negotiators try and get him out of there. The suspense starts as soon as we start to hear the caller’s agenda and it doesn’t ease up until the credits start. This was a very suspenseful movie and I highly recommend it. I give it a 9 out of 10.

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Posted on June 29, 2008

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