PhenomenaJennifer Connelly plays the character of Jennifer, who is the daughter of a famous actor.  Jennifer is being sent to a boarding school for just girls.  Where this school is located, there have been a number of bizarre murders, where girls just turn up missing.  Now the killer has his eyes set on young Jennifer, but Jennifer isn’t like other girls.  She has an unusual ability to communicate with insects.  She meets up with professor John McGregor played by the famous Donald Pleasance.  He studies insects and he wants revenge on this killer who has taken away a girl named Rita from him.  Now as Dr. McGregor and Jennifer team up they will communicate with the insects in order to catch the killer.

Phenomena is Dario Argento’s personal favorite film that he made, and I have to agree with him.  Though I’m really not sure if I would consider it my favorite of his movies, but I do consider it one of his best films he made.   It starts out with a nicely done murder within the first 10 minutes.  A girl misses her bus and wonders into a house.  There we see a killer is chained down and the killer breaks out of these chains and murders the girl with scissors.  After this scene the film continues at a very fast pace and is really nicely done.  The music in this film is another plus, every scene that has something to do with the killer there is some amazing heavy metal playing.  It is much like the music in his later film, Opera.  One thing I had heard so much about this film was that it was extremely gory.   Yet I really didn’t see that much gore, and this wasn’t a cut version because the version I saw was the Anchor Bay DVD.  There were a few bloody scenes, and the death scenes were very creative.  But I’ve seen some Dario Argento films that are much more brutal.  The final 20 minutes or so is really where all the gore is.  We get plenty of decaying corpses.  But do not worry, that doesn’t spoil the ending.   Overall this is a great film made by Dario Argento.  And I am sure all Argento fans will appreciate this one.  It is Dario Argento’s favorite film, and I agree that this is one of his better works.  This is definitely one to see, and I give it an 8 out of 10.

Posted on June 29, 2008

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