Phantasm13-year-old Mike Pearson had always thought that Morningside cemetery was a little creepy so he decides to check it out when a friend of his brother’s is murdered.   What he sees is this Tall Man who lifts the casket of Jody’s (Mike’s brother) friend with out any trouble at all and places it inside the hearse.  This frightens Mike because he knows how heavy those things are and that it usually takes a couple of people to carry one of these things.  Once Mike decides to check out the cemetery once more he goes inside the building only to witness a flying sphere stab into someone’s head and kill them.  After Mike had decided to enter this place The Tall Man discovered of his interest and is now after Mike.  So it’s up to Mike, Jody, and Reggie to save themselves from this Tall Man and in return keep The Tall Man from turning the town into a ghost town.

I found this movie to be really good.  I had put off the Phantasm series for a while because they never really looked like they would be worth seeing but today I gave the first one a chance and I was surprised at how good it was and how it was often even scary.  I had never really cared to see this series because I thought they were just some kind of scifi movies and I rarely like scifi movies, but once I watched this one I discovered just how wrong I was.  We are introduced to 3 very memorable characters: Mike, Jody, Reggie, and The Tall Man.  Check this film out!  I recommend this film to anyone who loves horror movies, it is a true classic.   I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

Posted on June 29, 2008

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