Phantasm 4: OblivionThe Phantasm series continues in this all new chapter.  It picks up right where part 3 left off with Reggie still pinned to the wall by the flying spheres.  Mike has taken off on his own leaving everyone behind after The Tall Man placed the sphere inside of Mike’s head.  The Tall Man decides that it isn’t Reggie’s time so he lets him go, and now with Jody’s guidance Reggie will be able to find Mike in order to help in stopping The Tall Man once and for all.

I had watched the original Phantasm months ago and really liked it.  Well recently I decided to see the rest of the series and I must say that I am glad with the direction this series went in.  Whereas most horror film’s sequels would turn the story into a pointless slasher, this one series has meaning behind it.  Director Don Coscarelli really knew what he wanted, and what he has done is kind of make one big movie that has been going on for the past 20 years.  In part 4, there are plenty of flashbacks from 20 years ago when the original came out.  It turns out that these scenes were deleted scenes, but they could have been something much more.  These scenes fill in with this film, and work very well.  There is a scene where the future Reggie and Mike talk with the past Reggie and Mike, and after viewing that I really do believe that Don Coscarelli has been planning this series out ever since he started with the first one.  As with the ending of part 3 we learned something was happening to Mike, and in this one we know that Mike is becoming more and more like The Tall Man, he is now able to travel through time and make things move with his mind.  This is an epic horror series that everyone needs to check out.  I regret pushing this series off for so long because this series quickly became one of my favorite horror series.  Each part is just amazing and this one is another great entry.  I am definitely looking forward for the final chapter in the series, which is the next film.  This one answered questions we had to some extent, but in doing so it gave us more questions.  I give this part in the series a 7 out of 10.

Posted on June 29, 2008

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