Phantasm 3: Lord of the DeadPhantasm 3 picks up right where part 2 ended, with Mike and Liz being carried away in the hearse by the Tall Man.  Within moments the hearse crashes and Reggie is able to get Mike away from The Tall Man, but it’s too late for Liz because she is killed in the car crash.  Reggie threatens to blow up both him and Mike and that was the only way that The Tall Man would get him, so The Tall Man leave because he has plans for Mike.  Eventually The Tall Man catches Mike and now Reggie is alone with only the help of two new cast members.  There’s Rocky, she’s in the army; then there’s Tim, who is a young kid with great shooting skills.  Along with them is Mike’s older brother Jody who is now one of the spheres.  And it is up to them to save Mike from the Tall Man.

People have said that this was the worst in the series, and if that’s the case I’m really looking forward to checking out Phantasm 4 because this one wasn’t bad at all.  Sure this one had more comedy in it unlike the first two, but it was still an enjoyable sequel.  A. Michael Baldwin has returned to the role of Mike.  He played Mike in the original.  Once again you get the feel that it’s hopeless and that it’s the end of the world with this sequel as more towns have been destroyed by The Tall Man.  It is good to see that Jody has returned to the cast, even though he’s only more of a ghost.  But without his help Reggie may never be able to find Mike.  Also as the new crew is in search for Mike there is a group of 3 zombies right after them who are working for The Tall Man.  Overall this is a good sequel, and so far the Phantasm series is just getting better and better and it’s really making me look forward to seeing part 4 to find out what happens next.  Even though I know that that one isn’t the last, we have to wait until 2002 when Phantasm’s End comes out, which should clear everything up and will be the big finale.  These Phantasm films seem more like one big film that is on going, and it really keeps you entertained.   So, start with the first one and work your way up.  You won’t be disappointed.   I give this sequel a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 29, 2008

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