Phantasm 2Mike and Reggie are back once again to face down The Tall Man.  As the first one ends we are left with the question, “Was it all a dream?”  The film opens with the ending of the first one and it continues that with The Tall Man and his dwarves taking Mike away and it’s up to Reggie to stop him.   Reggie blows up his house in order to save Mike and Mike ends up in a mental asylum.  Reggie decides to say that it never happened, and everyone says that it’s in Mike’s head until the night when Mike comes home and Reggie’s family is killed by The Tall Man.  Now Reggie and Mike have joined together once again and are in search for this monster.  Mike has a link to this girl named Liz, and with her help he is able to track down The Tall Man.  Mike and Reggie go from town to town in search and they discover that The Tall Man has been destroying towns and taking over the dead.  And only Mike and Reggie have what it takes to take on The Tall Man.

I had figured I’d wait until this film was released on DVD before I saw it.  I loved the first one and I plan on getting part 4 on DVD.   And since only parts 1 and 4 are on DVD I figured I’d just skip parts 2 and 3 until they were released.  Well I heard that if I were to do that I would be lost in the fourth one, so I rented parts 2 and 3.  And I am glad that I did get the chance to see this one.  It starts off very fast paced with the ending of the first one and continues that pace until it’s over.  Mike and Reggie have become sort of like Ash from the Evil Dead series.  They break into this store and take all the weapons they are going to need.  Mike makes a new kind of Flame Thrower, and Reggie creates a 4 barreled shotgun.  While I was watching this film I noticed that it seemed to have a whole end of the world feel to it, much like Stephen King’s The Stand.  This one doesn’t have the suspense that the first one has, but this one has more action and more gore.  That scene where the guy has the sphere rolling through him was just brutal.   Well, after seeing this one I now think that I have become a “phan” and I am really looking forward to checking out parts 3 and 4 to see what happens next.   Then up until the final battle in Phantasm 5.  This is one series everyone needs to check out.  I give it an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on June 29, 2008

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