one missed call Directed by
Eric Valette

Writing credits
Andrew Klavan (screenplay)

Yasushi Akimoto (novel “Chakushin ari”)

Minako Daira (screenplay Chakushin ari) (as Miwako Daira)

Firstly when i saw the movie poster,i was very impressive but after i watched the movie,i said “is this horror movie?” absolutely not! at first ,a girl’s cell phone was calling and than she opened the cell phone and she saw the one missed call text on the phone screen than she listened the her dieing screem.every actor died same style.again again again….so boring so awful so stupid missed call imdb rating 3.3/10 , i think 3.3 rating so much for this rate : 0

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Posted on October 27, 2008

Category : Reviews

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