As one of the hugest horror icons in the history of horror, Freddy Kreuger is certainly one of the biggest names in the genre. A Nightmare on Elm Street first chilled audiences back in 1984 and so it comes as no surprise that 25 years later the movie would be seeing a reboot – a total makeover of the very first film, sure to polarize fans and non-fans alike. Director Wes Craven certainly scored a big time hit with this movie so many producers might be nervous about taking it on, but Brad Fuller of Platinum Dunes is not worried, explaining in recent interviews that his company is “deeply invested” in doing the movie the justice it deserves as part of the top horror pantheon. Fuller and his team have expressed a mixture of sheer thrill at being given the chance to re-envision the series and a touch of personal fear since they are all fans of the original movies themselves. The tricky position would make it difficult for any company to be able to pull off a remake, but Platinum Dunes has invested a lot of personal interest to try and get the job done right. The script was written by Wesley Strick and Eric Heisserer and the movie will be directed by Samuel Bayer as his directorial debut.

The tradition of remaking classic horror films is a long one in Hollywood that extends back to early works such as Frankenstein and Dracula. One of Platinum Dunes’ biggest concerns was making sure that fans understood they were not trying to replace fond memories, but rather give a unique spin on an old favorite, a new way to enjoy the movie that turned Freddy Kreuger into an American legend. They are banking on their mixture of elements from the old movie blended together with a handful of new twists to turn the tide and create a truly unique experience for fans of the original film.

Posted on June 16, 2010

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  1. Mark Anthony Valencia Morales

    7 years ago

    It’s amazing to see Freddy Kruger back on the big screen, this reboot will be a huge success.

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