night of the deadNight of the Living Dead is the cult classic that to this day still manages to scare the audience.  It was followed by two sequels that were loaded with gore, but neither one of them can really compare to the original.  We all know one of the previous DVD releases gave us a horrible job with Night of the Living Dead, where they placed scenes that were filmed 30 years later into the film.  Well Elite has decided to release the new “Millennium Edition” DVD and let’s just see what kind of job they did with this.

For the picture quality I have never seen Night of the Living Dead looking better.  I have an old VHS copy of it and a DVD copy of this as well.  Though the old DVD copy is one of those releases that only has a photo gallery and I would had rather watch the VHS instead of that DVD.  But as for this new Millennium Edition, I can pretty much just place all my other copies away because the picture quality on this DVD is amazing.  I didn’t notice any grain and the images didn’t look blurred like they did on that “Hollywood Classics” DVD version that I have.

Another area where this DVD shines is in the sound department.  We get the original Mono soundtrack along with a new Dolby Digital 5.1 remix.  The sound on this DVD is great and they are quite clear.  Whichever way you decide to watch this film, whether it’s the new 5.1 mix or the old mono mix you’re still going to love the way it sounds and it’s far better than that old Hollywood Classics version that I have.

With the extras we are treated to some nice features.  We get an original theatrical trailer which I always enjoy to have on my DVD’s.  A DVD doesn’t seem complete without the trailer.  We get a TV Spot as well.  Another feature that I really enjoyed is the film parody “Night of the Living Bread.”  It is absolutely hilarious.  It runs around 8 minutes and it goes through some of the scenes of Night of the Living Dead.  We get to see Barbara and Johnny arriving and Johnny is attacked by a piece of bread.  Barbara runs back into the car and pieces of bread lands on her windshield.  You’ll have to check out this DVD to see what else happens, but believe me, this was a great extra to have.  We also get two commentaries that were also on the old Elite DVD version of this film.  One is with the people behind the camera, George Romero, etc.  The other one features members of the cast.  We also get an interview with the star Judy Ridly and an interview with Duane Jones.  Rounding off the disc we get scenes of Romero’s lost film, “There’s Always Vanilla.”  With that we get theatrical poster and stills from “There’s Always Vanilla.”  Finally we get “Beginnings” The Latent Image/Hardman Eastman Studios.”  This features an “About the Studios,” “Commercials,” “Outtakes from ‘The Derelict,’” and “Breaking Out of Commercials” where all we do in that Breaking out of Commercials is read some stuff.

This is a wonderfully made DVD and now with this release I believe I will never have to buy another copy of “Night of the Living Dead” again.  If you’re a fan of the movie you need to own this version of the movie in your collection.  This may very well be one of the best DVD’s ever made.  If you’ve seen how well Elite did with the Millennium Edition of “Re-Animator” then you know what to expect with this DVD release of Night of the Living Dead.  This is the best version available and probably will be the best version, no matter how many countless versions they release of this movie.  I give it a 10 out of 10.

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Posted on May 30, 2008

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