Night of the DemonsOn Halloween night, Angela is going to throw a Halloween party no one will ever forget.  She is going to throw the party in an abandoned funeral home known as Hull House and there they will find their party, the only problem is, Hull House is a possessed house and it is going to send in a group of demons to crash the party.

Judy is getting ready to go to a Halloween dance with her boyfriend when he calls and tells her that he has decided to attend a party and she is invited as well.  She agrees to go and the two meet up with another couple.  The party they have decided to attend is Angela’s.  Angela is a bit of a strange girl and loves the occult.  Once they arrive at Hull House, they meet up with everyone else attending the party, only there aren’t that many guests.  They start their party, but once the music goes out they decide to perform a séance.  Once they do, they unleash a demonic force that starts to possess each one of them.

I hadn’t seen Night of the Demons in almost ten years, and now I finally got the chance to see it again.  There was quite a bit of it that I didn’t remember, but it’s still just as entertaining as ever!  Night of the Demons is fast paced and filled with gore.  Linnea Quigley gives an excellent performance as Angela’s friend.  Overall, if you want to see a fun flick, then I highly recommend this title.  It is perfect for a Halloween party!  I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 27, 2008

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