Night of the CreepsIn 1959 alien slugs have landed.  They had got inside one guys brain and for the past 27 years the body of the infected person has been kept on ice.  Now as two pledges trying to get into a fraternity discover the body, they accidentally unleash it.  Now the slugs are free.  They have left their host that they have been resting in for the past 27 years.  As each one finds a new body the bring forth more and more slugs and they turn their victims into mindless zombies.

The movie starts off by introducing us to Roy and his ex-girlfriend, who is on a date.  Well Roy is a police officer and he tells his ex that she needs to go home because an escaped madman is on the loose.  As her and her new boyfriend leave they see a bright light fall out of the sky and crash to earth.   They go in search for this bright thing.  They find where it landed, so the boyfriend gets out of the car and heads over in search for it with the girl stays in the car.  Soon the madman finds the girl and kills her with an axe.  The boyfriend gets turned into a zombie.  For the next 27 years the boyfriend is kept on ice.   Roy found the madman and killed him for killing his old high school sweet-heart.   We are soon introduced to Chris and his friend.  When Chris wants to meet this girl, he figures the only way is to join a fraternity.  Well the way to get into this fraternity is to find a dead body and place it on another fraternity’s front porch.   While he tries to do this he accidentally unleashes the slugs and everyone is now turning into zombies.

I had seen this on the rental shelf many times and I never got around to checking this film out.  I figured it would be your typical zombie flick, and I never felt like I needed to see it.  Well, I recently checked this film out and I loved it.  It mixes the horror with the humor so well.  The scenes with the janitor were absolutely hilarious.  This movie also has some really nice gore scenes, especially the scenes with the axe murderer.  I also loved how he came back to life and just hacked his way through the floorboards.  By the end of the movie we get a really cool zombie-fest, and I of course am a zombie fan so I found this a very entertaining film.  Also in this film we see where Dead Alive got the idea of using a lawnmower in order to get rid of some zombies.  Overall, check this flick out.  It makes a great rental, and a great late night flick.  Now this movie needs to come out on DVD.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 27, 2008

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