As the horror genre continues to pick up pace around the globe, more and more cultures are arising to add their own unique touches to the genre and make it their own in the home lands. One of the big pictures coming out from Greek American filmmaker Richard Ledes, who has won several awards recently for his work, is Foreclosure. The movie focuses on the ghosts haunting a Greek American family that has been broken apart after their immigration to the United States. Ledes is of Greek and Turkish stock, tracing his roots back to what are known as the Pontian Greek peoples. His unique story is one that focuses on the immigrant experience he and his family went through during their relocation to the US and pulls in not just horror, but many culturally unique points that Ledes feels will resonate with the Greek American audience while still proving to be relevant for all of the horror movie audience at the same time, even adding a bit of an exotic flavor to the film in the process.

Ledes graduated from Amherst College in 1979 where he studied film and has directed such films as 2004’s Hole in One and The Caller in 2008 which stared Elliot Gould. The movie delves into the stories of a family and also of the way that the ghosts are causing them a whole new level of supernatural problems. The director feels that the movie will be able to blend a unique setting with a classic villain type and really pull in a different take on the standard ghost tale that makes up a large part of horror fan favorites today. His aim has been to make a truly terrifying story of haunting that is far more than a mere drama and closer to the best that a horror movie can be, in his eyes, maxing out the fear factor for audience enjoyment.

Posted on June 18, 2010

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