Necronomicon: Book of the DeadOne of my favorite horror writers is H.P. Lovecraft. I would say that this movie doesn’t follow any of his stories in the slightest bit. Maybe there are some references to Lovecraft’s stories and it certainly has the atmosphere and gore of a Lovecraft story, but nothing more than that. But who gives a shit? This movie is great. It’s no Emmy award winner, but what do you expect from a horror movie? It’s great for horror fans and Lovecraft fans as well.

There are four stories in this movie. Three sub stories within one main story. It starts off with Lovecraft himself (played by Jeffrey Combs, one of my favorite actors who is very under rated!) who has just discovered the whereabouts of the Necronomicon and wishes to study it. It’s hidden in a library owned by monks. After snatching a key from the belt of one of the bald little fellas, he goes into the basement of the building, finds the book, and begins to read it. He takes notes while reading and we are shown what will soon become the stories based on the writings in the book.

The first segment (based on Call Of The Cthulhu , more or less) is about a man named Edward who has lost his wife in an accident. Driven by grief, he seeks the power of the Necronomicon to resurrect his wife. But of course there is always a price for using dark magic. This starts out very boring and it looks like it’s going no where but it soon gets interesting and you are treated with a creepy ending that has lots of very slimy things. I know I usually ruin the entire movie but that’s only if it sucks. So I won’t say what happens. It’s not a surprise or anything, I just don’t want to give everything away. Lets just say that Edward’s wife is no longer human and there is a giant monster with lost of tentacles and one eye under the house. Oops!

The second segment (based on Herbert West: Re-Animator, more or less) is about a young girl named Emily who has a thing for old guys. Specifically a doctor named Dr. Madden. Yep, his first name is Dr. Emily soon finds out that Dr. Madden has used a solution to keep himself alive for lots of years. I forget how many. Like… 100 maybe. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, the solution requires spinal fluid and instead of asking nicely, the doctor decides to kill a few people to get it. This one isn’t as interesting or creepy as the first one but it does have a really cool and gory scene near the end where… well I won’t give it away again. You can see it for yourself.

The third segment is about two cops, Sarah and Paul. After a bad car accident, Sarah wakes up to find Paul missing and a trail of blood. She crawls out of the wreckage to look for her partner. She comes across the Benedict’s who own, or don’t own, an apartment building where Sarah thinks Paul was dragged off to. They lead her into the bowel’s of the building where creepy, slimy, bat-like creatures have been breading. By now it becomes obvious that the Benedict’s are not just the oddball couple that they appear to be. This entire segment has a very gloomy atmosphere and from the point where Sarah falls into the pit to the end is nonstop slim and gore. Although, it takes place in modern times and the main story takes place in the 1920s. Oh well.

By this time, Lovecraft has been found out by the monks and they’re pretty pissed. Some monks! Also, possession of the Necronomicon comes at a price and the very evil described in the book is now after Lovecraft. Armed with only a knife thing inside his cane, he must now fight off killer monks and slimy demons! Well, not really. Just one killer monk and two slimy demons.

I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 27, 2008

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