Near DarkWhen Caleb met May he thought he met the girl of his dreams.  Only in his case, she is really a girl of his nightmares.  She enters Caleb into a world he never knew existed.  She enters him into a world where he no longer can live in the daylight, he now must remain in the darkness of the night with his new family who have turned him into one of them.

The movie opens with us meeting Caleb.  Caleb meets May and he stays with her over the night.  As dawn draws near, May tells Caleb to take her home.  As Caleb does he stops the car and says he won’t go any further unless she gives him a kiss.  Since sunlight is almost there she decides to.  She gives him a kiss, bites his neck and runs off.  After this happens Caleb begins to feel ill.  He can’t get his truck to start so he runs out towards his house.  As he does this the sunlight catches him and he starts to smoke.  As his father and little sister see him, a motor-home comes and picks him up.  The people in this motor-home are the ones May is with.  They are a group of blood-thirsty monsters who are now wanting to turn him into one of them.  Now as Caleb’s father and little sister try to find him the group he is with lead him on a tour filled with murder and blood drinking.

It’s kind of odd to find a movie that only lasts in theaters for two weeks and becomes an almost lost movie to actually be good.  This movie managed to keep me entertained throughout the entire film.  I noticed that this film is the film that the newer vampire movies like The Forsaken and Vampires got their inspiration.  In this one we get vampires who use shotguns, never show their teeth, and are chasing down our hero in a car.  All that could also be found in the new movie The Forsaken.  This movie did it first and it actually does it better.  I’m not one that’s big on vampire movies, but this one was a very good vampire movie.  One thing I noticed though, is that we really don’t hear them referred to as vampires in this movie.  Anyway, this is a great little horror gem and is definitely worth checking out.  I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on June 27, 2008

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