my bloody valentineMy Bloody Valentine has long awaited a DVD release.  Fans have wanted this one ever since the DVD format first came out.  Well we finally have this movie on DVD and Paramount was the company to release it.  So did Paramount release something that will please the fans?  Let’s take a look and see.

The film is presented in a widescreen 1.85:1 aspect ratio.  The picture quality on this DVD looks amazing.  It’s very sharp and clear.  There is barely, if any grain throughout the entire film.  For the sound, we get a mono soundtrack, but I was still pretty pleased with that.

For the extra features, well there aren’t any extra features so I really don’t see how anyone could be pleased with this.  Normally in the past Paramount at least gives us theatrical trailers for their DVD’s, but with this one, the fans know there are extra features all over the place for this film, but Paramount must have forgot to add them.

Well, there isn’t much to say about a DVD that doesn’t have anything to offer.  I guess Paramount thinks they can fool us with this barebones release.  I guess they think that horror fans don’t realize that this film was chopped all up and has deleted scenes everywhere.  Even when they released DVD’s with a trailer only in the past, that somewhat helped, but they skipped out on the trailer with this one.  So I ask, where’s the deleted scenes?  Where’s the trailers?  Where’s the commentary?  Where’s the featurettes?  I guess Paramount doesn’t really care about the fans, therefor I don’t see why we should bother spending 25 bucks on this DVD release.  I bought this DVD so I can review it, that way you don’t have to waste your time.  I love the movie, but this DVD does it no justice.  Though I must say one positive thing about it.  I know that Paramount has been giving all these DVD’s new cover art, but I actually like the new cover art for this DVD release.  Still, that doesn’t save this DVD.  I give it a 1 out of 10.

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Posted on May 30, 2008

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3 Comments → “My Bloody Valentine”

  1. Anonymous

    8 years ago

    what is this movie about?

  2. admin

    8 years ago

    this movie’s the new version is my bloody valentine (3D) ;

  3. Jess

    8 years ago

    That’s BS! My Bloody Valentine is the great epitome of 80’s horror. There’s nothing better. It is one of my favorite movies!!!

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