In terms of popular slasher movies, My Bloody Valentine is not at the top of the heap. This 3D version of the film is a remake of the Canadian original that few horror fans will be familiar with. You are more likely to have heard of the Irish shoegazing band of the same name. Despite its more low profile existence, hardcore horror fans are likely to tell you that the murky setting and gas-masked killer were certainly memorable. In the remake we get the same story, but this is the first R-rated movie that has been projected using Real D digital stereoscopic projection – and what a hard R it is! You are not only going to see tremendous amounts of carnage in wildly accurate detail, you also get a very extended segment of total nudity presented by the lovely former model, Jaime King.

The basic premise of My Bloody Valentine, in both versions, begins with the collapse of a mine outside a small town. In order to preserve air for himself, one of the men murders his colleagues with a pick axe. He survives, in comatose state, waking up one year later, on Valentine’s Day, to go on a rampage. Those he kills he rips the hearts from. Since this is a slasher, our air-conserving killer makes his way back to the mine only to find that it is now a place for teens to party. Clearly, he must massacre all of these kids and proceeds to do so. Mind you, this is all the run up to the actual story that takes place during the movie. It will be ten more years before the killings take place once again.

The majority of the movie is a series of red herrings and a bit more of a mystery than many slasher style films tend to be. This is definitely a strong point because even though certain parts of the movie may be slow, the richly detailed gore scenes certainly make up for it. In fact, with all three dimensions present, the grotesque element certainly does sing. You won’t find too many movies that go quite as in depth with the display of various fatalities as this one does, but whether or not this is a good thing will be up to your personal taste. Those who love the crimson moments in horror movies will certainly get a lot from this movie. The gas-masked miner killing people with a pick axe may not be the most original villain of all time, but he certainly keeps us guessing and provides plenty of jumps along the way. The murky atmosphere of the mines also lends itself to a creepy vibe that really helps the scare factor intensify.

In a surprising move, the MPAA actually gave this film a rating of R even though it not only features a level of gore similar to the notorious Hostel films, but also what must have been a 5 minute chase scene of Jaime King – entirely nude. To clarify, there is no aspect of Miss King’s anatomy that you will not get a good, long look at during this movie. This may divide the audience along gender lines in opposing or rooting for her untimely demise.

All in all, this is a must see film if you love 3D because it truly was shot well. Actually, it’s a must see film for a great many reasons and one of those reasons is, according to this reviewer, the fact that we’d like to see a sequel – something the original film never got.

The world could always use another crazed miner on the loose so here’s hoping we get a follow up shortly. They could call it My Other Bloody Valentine 3D. Or maybe not. At any rate, don’t forget My Bloody Valentine 3D if you love a good murderous mystery.

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Posted on October 16, 2009

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