Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker!This is the first time Mulva is going trick or treating in a long time.  She was traumatized for life that made her addicted to chocolate and afraid to go trick or treating.  She is convinced that nothing is going to ruin tonight, because tonight is her night.  Mulva dresses up as a Ghostbuster and her friend Cassie comes along.  Together they go trick or treating, nothing is going to ruin their night until the dead begin to walk and soon they are attacked by a pack of zombies.

The movie opens with us meeting Mulva.  She is walking around in her room celebrating that tomorrow is Halloween and she is ready to go trick or treating.  The next morning comes and she wakes up quickly in excitement of tonight.  She goes downstairs and grabs her some breakfast, soon she is starts to dream of chocolate.  Later we meet these two horror fanatics who are making their way to a horror convention, and they say that if Savini isn’t there they won’t watch Dawn of the Dead for at least a week.  Sure enough they are attacked and killed by zombies.  Later on as Mulva and Cassie go trick or treating they are attacked by swarms of the undead.

This was a short film, only around 45 minutes.  At the start of it I didn’t know what to make out.  By the time it started taking off, which isn’t long at all, it really gets entertaining.  There is over-the-top gore and it’s filled with comedy.  The movie was shot on video and surprisingly by the low budget and at times horrible effects it’s quite good.  There is a scene where the neighbor pulls the tongue out of a zombie, well the zombie had his tongue out of his mouth before he even placed his hand near there.  Also, there are quite a number of references to other horror classics.  I loved the Evil Dead reference.  The Exorcist reference was hilarious.  This is definitely a fun movie to watch on Halloween night.  It’s hilarious and filled with over-the-top gore.  As odd as this film is, it even manages to prove that it’s better than other zombie films that actually had a budget.  This short little zombie flick blew Children of the Living Dead out of the water.  I also loved the scene where this Ape guy and some lady that reminded me of Xena show up to help battle the zombies.  We also get some great cameos from people that work with Troma.  Overall this is an entertaining movie that comes on the “Hell Asylum” DVD and if it’s great to add to the collection.  Sure, it’s flawed, but it’s entertaining.  I give it a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on June 23, 2008

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