Midnight MassThe entire world has been taken over by vampires and the Goths who want to be vampires, but in this small town, a group of human survivors lead by an ex-priest are not going to allow their town to be taken away from them.  The remaining humans stand together as they prepare to rid their town of the vampires once and for all.

The movie opens nicely as it features a bunch of news clippings showing how fast the vampires have taken over the town.  The night is a terrible time to be out, and the day is no safer as the humans who want to be vampires stalk the streets in the day.  A young girl named Gwen is about to be attacked by the Goths who want to be vampires, when she manages to escape, the Goths grab this blonde haired girl and take them to the vampires.  Later on, Gwen meets up with an ex-priest named Joe.  They soon team up with Mickey and Carl Edwards and prepare to perform their last mass as the vampires decide to finish off the town once and for all.

Midnight Mass is a vampire story that really has a lot of potential.  I really dug the story they had tried to make with it.  What happened though was that it wasn’t carried out the way it could have been.  Those Goths who wanted to be vampires were very annoying and the acting was horrible in parts.  I thought the guy who played Joe did a fairly decent job, but Gwen and the head vampire wasn’t acted very well.  I think with better character development and a higher budget this could have worked.  Another thing it needed was more action.  We go for a long period of time with nothing but talking.  Overall, if you want to rent this flick one night, go right ahead.  I can’t promise that you will like it.  I give it a 4 out of 10.

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Posted on June 23, 2008

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  1. andrea sfiligoi

    7 years ago

    I ‘d change the title to “Midnight Mess”. The only saving grace of this film is some good dialogue here and there, but it is delivered so badly by the actors that it becomes almost unwatchable.

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