There are always going to be creature features that really manage to live in the mind forever, but that is rarely due to the fact that they are frightening real, believable and gripping from start to finish. It is very rare to find such a gem of a film that features a monster so incredibly frightening and plausible that even the most sane and logical adult might just get a few nightmares from the monster in the movie. In case you were wondering, Mega Piranha accomplishes none of these things – like, at all. Instead, it is a start to finish crazed fish movie that rarely balks long enough to take the time to bother getting you to believe that its story line or action is anything to be believed. Does that make it entertaining?

Well, one of the big points here is that if you have seen the movie Frankenfish then you likely realize that this is a genre where general craziness is part for the course. Mutant killer fish are not too far off the Godzilla goofiness and Mega Piranha, like Frankenfish, is no exception to this rule. One thing that Mega Piranha does offer is a solid dose of Greg Brady! That’s right, actor Barry Williams of Brady Bunch fame is here to play a small part in the film. But that’s not all, folks. There is also Tiffany and yes, that Tiffany the 80’s pop singer who crooned “I Think We’re Alone Now”. She has a rather major role because it turns out that she’s the one who engineered these fish in the first place. The idea was to create a solid food source for the locals who were suffering for lack of nourishment since they were so poor. That meant that there would need to be a species of bullet proof, highly aggressive and desperately suicidal piranhas that have apparently had all the blood in their fishy veins replaced with a solid mixture of LSD and methamphetamine. The result ends up being some of the most outlandish fishing action you’ve seen outside of maybe Free Willy.

The tone of humor by this reviewer is intentional because the fact is, if you can appreciate some corniness in your horror then you will get more than a few great laughs out of Mega Piranha. It doesn’t bother with trying to convince you it is realistic. It simply does take after take of what must have been a really fun movie to make. You get to see fish do things that most highly trained Navy SEALS or Spetnaz or SAS would kill themselves trying to attempt. The acting is horrible, but that ends up being hilarious, as well. This is a great movie to play at a party or just see with a friend who is also in a goofy mood.

Horror can be about a good time and Mega Piranha keeps things so ridiculous that you have to love it. That or you won’t last the first five minutes of the movie – it will be up to you to decide its fate.

Posted on October 2, 2011

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