Maniac CopMatt Cordell was the best cop around with an shoot first ask questions later kind of attitude.  Working like this eventually caught up with him as he was soon thrown in jail for killing someone who was innocent.  While in jail, Matt was attacked by the inmates and they murdered him, well that is what everyone thought happened.  Matt had survived and now he wants revenge on everyone whether they are innocent or not.  He has set his sights out on Jack Forrest, who he wants to take the fall for his crimes.  As the body count rises, no one believes Jack when he says he’s innocent, and now it’s up to Jack and his girlfriend Theresa to let everyone know that Cordell is still alive, and he won’t stop until everyone is dead.

A woman is walking home late one night when she starts to get mugged.  She manages to escape her muggers, but they chase after her.  She runs until she sees a cop.  Once she goes up to the cop and tells him that she’s being mugged, he brutally attacks her and crushes her neck.  The next day, the two muggers are caught and blamed for the murder.  They tell the police officers that it was a cop who killed her, but the policemen don’t believe them, except for Detective Frank McCrae.  He believes the two kids are telling the truth because they aren’t big enough to completely crush a woman’s neck.  As the days go by, more and more people are killed and Detective McCrae tells a friend of his who works with the news that a maniac cop is on the loose.  This causes a panic and people are shooting cops who approach them.  When Officer Forrest’s wife is murdered, the other police officers put the blame on him, and now with the help of his girlfriend, who is also on the force, officer Theresa Mallory, they must track down the maniac cop before it’s too late.

A movie like this could have been done many different ways, but I really do like they direction they took with it.  With the first scene we notice that this is going to be a stalk and slash type flick, but still have the same elements of a crime story.  The Maniac Cop is non-stop in this film and someone gets killed every few minutes.  The final 30 minutes in the police station reminds me a bit of The Terminator, only this time it’s with a cop after the other cops.  I definitely recommend this movie if you’re interested in a good stalk and slash film late at night.  I give Maniac Cop a 7 out of 10.

Posted on June 23, 2008

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