Lost HighwayThis being a David Lynch flick, only two kinds of people will be able to understand it. Those who have a serious drug addiction and those who are just plain fucking nuts. Being neither one of those people, I had no idea what the hell is going on in this movie. It’s creepy as hell, has an awesome soundtrack, hot sex scenes, and cameos by Henry Rollin’s and Marilyn Manson. But the plot and story line makes less sense than a coke addicts dreams.
It starts out with a sax player, Fred and his wife RenĂ©. Someone has been video taping them in their sleep and sending them the tapes. They get freaked out so they call the police. Then some creepy stuff happens. Then apparently Fred kills his wife. He goes to prison and one day he suddenly turns into someone else, a mechanic that still lives with his parents, Pete. Then a bunch of stuff happens. Then Pete starts fooling around with some mob guy’s girl, Alice. More stuff happens and eventually Pete turns back into Fred and the closing credits start as Fred is on the run from the police. There is no fucking way I will go into detail about this movie. My head might explode if I try to think about it.
There is this one freaky part where Fred sees this old dude’s face on his wife’s head. Then later when they go to a party, that same old dude shows up and talks to Fred. He’s a scary Dracula-type guy played by wife murder Robert Blake. Man is he fucking scary. He comes back later and talks to Pete on the phone about stuff that doesn’t matter. Then he kills the mob guy after Pete turns back into Fred.
The movie goes in a circle, like all Lynch films, or so I’m told. My friend Danielle acts like she knows what’s going on in all of Lynch’s movies so I asked her about it. She told me all this shit about how the scary man is supposed to be Satan or something them went on about how the different characters represent different things and AHHHHHHH! Just thinking about it makes me hurt! Not even Danielle REALLY knew what was going on. She said David Lynch purposely leaves gaps in his movies so the viewer can figure it out for themselves. Just who the fuck does he think he is? I don’t think even he knows what’s going on. I think he just puts a bunch of crazy shit together and acts like he’s a genius and everyone else is an idiot. God damn you to hell, David Lynch.
I had seen Mulholland Drive before I saw this and hated it. It made even less sense than this one. But I gave Lynch another chance. Why he isn’t banging his head against a padded wall in a straight jacket is a mystery to me. It was funny when the mob guy beat up the driver for tail gating him and when Manson was in the porno with Twiggy. Now I’m not some drooling moron that can only understand Bugs Bunny cartoons, I like twists and turns in stories, I can see things in an art way. But David Lynch takes it way too fucking far. I hate it when people act like they understand shit like this because they fucking don’t. I understand that its all that art house new age crap but don’t act like you know what’s going on. Its impossible to get straight forward answers for this movie and I’m too busy figuring out my own life to try and figure out some asshole’s drug-induced fantasy. Fuck David Lynch, fuck his fans, fuck art house… and fuck everybody now that I think of it.

I give this mess a 4 out of 10.

Posted on June 20, 2008

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