Let Sleeping Corpses LieTwo traveling companions, George and Edna Simon, come across a small town infested with the “living dead” that are satisfying their cannibalistic hunger on anyone they come across.  Discovering that an agricultural machine using radiation waves is at the foot of all the havoc, George and Edna fight for survival and their innocence as they are persued by a relentless detective who is convinced they are responsible for the ghoulish acts of violence plaguing the countryside.  All this leads to a gruesome showdown at the Manchster Morgue – an ending that knots a horrifying twist in the lives of all involved!

Everyone was saying how underrated this movie was.  I was really wondering whether or not I should get this before I did.  But I am glad that I did.  The movie zombies start to attack very early in the movie, but not as early as they do in Night of the Living Dead, which this film is compared to.  At the beginning it’s just one zombie.  It kills this one guy and the guys wife and sister and sister’s friend are blamed for the murder.  There is a police officer who will stop at nothing to find something that will make George out to be the killer.  Eventually the movie picks up and gets very entertaining and often gory once George and Edna go into Manchester Morgue.   Where they are attacked by zombies.  One of the police officers comes in there and finds them, trying to help them out but all three of them get locked in the morgue with the zombies.  After that we are taken through a wild ride as the zombies attack the town, and with very little people knowing about them.  And the ones that do know about them don’t last long enough to warn others.  This is a very underrated zombie movie and I highly recommend it.  It is often gory, but not as gory as something you would find in a Lucio Fulci film.  The film is at times creepy.  I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Posted on June 20, 2008

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