Leprechaun 3A man brings a statue of a leprchaun into a pawn shop.  The shop owner removes the necklace that’s around the leprechaun’s neck and the Leprechaun is free.   As the Leprechaun leaves the pawn shop he drops one of his gold coins.  The coin finds its way through a casino at Las Vegas.  Meanwhile a young man driving through picks up a girl who works at the casino.  He finds the coin and wishes to be lucky and win his money back.  After that his blood gets mixed with the blood of the Leprechaun and he starts to  become a Leprechaun.  Now there are two Leprechauns, one good one evil.

This film starts off with a man with one leg and one arm bringing in a statue of a Leprechaun.  After that the Leprechaun is loose in Las Vegas.  The movie picks up very quickly and it made me realize just how much I love the Leprechaun series.   Though I haven’t yet seen part 4.  This Leprechaun sequel has some of the best parts I have seen out of any of the Leprechaun films.  Some of the funniest scenes are when the Leprechaun acts like Elvis, when he’s on the tv and looks like a psychic.   I also thought that the part where the Leprechaun was trying to hitchhike was hilarious, but I guess that’s just me.  This one has become an equel to the first film, a big improvement over the second, much better then part 5, but equel to the first.   If you like any of the Leprechaun films I highly recommend you checking out this one.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

Posted on June 20, 2008

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