Last Stop StationLast Stop Station is the tale of a man who is driving late at night.  He stops to get gas, and when he does these creatures appear at the gas station.  He starts to take their pictures since he works for the magazine that makes up stories like “Aliens Have Landed in My Basement.”  Those kind of magazines.  Well he barely escapes with his life and decides to call his boss and let him know what he saw.  He talks his boss into going back there.  The two do and once again the creatures in hoods return, but will they survive this time?

Well, this review is going to be pretty short, mainly because the movie was only 15 minutes long.  It’s an independent film and it was nicely made.  I think the movie would do great as a short scene in a movie, perhaps they could expand it in the future and have this as an opening scene to lead to later events to take place.  Well, anyway this movie is in black and white and it really does a nice job of giving the viewer and uneasy feeling while watching it.  The creatures are cool looking and the movie was nicely made.  I recommend everyone to check it out.  I give it a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on June 20, 2008

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