Last House on the LeftLast House on the Left is based on the true events which befell two friends as they were going to a concert.  The two girls, Mari and Phyllis are just two teenagers who want to have a good time.  Mari is about to turn sweet sixteen, so her and Phyllis go to a concert.  On their way they meet a group of four.  This group of four have just escaped from jail and they have special plans for the two girls.  They brutally torture the two girls, and end up killing them, but once their car breaks down they have to spend the night with a couple that owns a cabin deep in the woods.  Little do the killers know that the couple that they are staying with are actually Mari’s parents, and once Mari’s parents find out, they plan their revenge on the murderers.

The movie starts by introducing us to Mari and her friend Phyllis.  They are about to head off to a concert for a band named Bloodlust.   Mari is growing up and she wants her parents to know it.  Well as her and Phyllis are on their way to the concert they meet Junior.  They ask for some “grass.”  At first he says he doesn’t have any, but then he says that he knows where he can find some.  He takes Mari and Phyllis to an apartment with the rest of the escaped convicts.  As soon as they enter the room they are locked inside and quickly they are being tortured.  The film then cuts to the next day where the murderers take the two girls and lock them in the trunk of their car.  They drive until their car breaks down in front of Mari’s house.  Then they take the two girls out and bring them deep into the woods.  There they force them to do horrible things.   Soon Phyllis tries to escape, but it’s no luck.  The killers catch her and brutally murder her.  They come back and then rape and kill Mari.  Later that night the killers find their way to Mari’s parents house deep in the woods.  There they are invited in and are treated to a nice dinner.  It’s not until late that night that Mari’s mother finds out who these people are and what they have done.  She wakes up her husband, they go and find Mari’s body and plan their revenge.

I had heard so much about this film and I had really wanted to see it but the video store never seemed to have it.  Well, I finally found myself a copy and I finally have had the chance to view the film, and I found it to be an extremely twisted film.  At the beginning of the film it says it’s based on true events.  I hadn’t known that it was a true story, but it helped to make the movie more effective.  We are shown how sick people in this world truly are.  I didn’t find this film scary, instead I found it rather disturbing.  These poor girls are brutally tortured and it was one of them’s sweet sixteen birthday too.  The movie gets started very quickly as the young girls are soon kidnapped, and the movie doesn’t ease up until the credits begin to role.  All throughout the film I felt sick, disturbed, angry, etc.  This film really makes you feel emotions because you feel for these characters.  They have done nothing wrong and these people show no mercy.   Then once the killers meet the parents you can’t help but cheer for the parents as they take their revenge.  This is Wes Craven’s first film, and it’s one of his best.   I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 20, 2008

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