Last House on Dead End StreetAfter spending a year in jail for drugs, a man who used to make porno films has decided to make a new film.  This film that he wants to make, he wants to use it to repay society for sending him to prison.  He wants to make a snuff film, so he gathers up a crew and decides to capture four soon to be victims.  He ties them up in his basement and they begin to make their film.

The movie opens with us meeting Terry Hawkins.  Terry just got out of prison and is gathering up his new film crew.  Meanwhile Terry knows these other people who make films, who stole Terry’s films, and he plans on placing them in his new film.  He tricks them all into meeting them at this house.  Once they are all there he ties them up and begins working on his film.

There have been films over the years that have just became lost to the horror fans.  Well, this is the case with Last House on Dead End Street.  The actors, actresses, and the film crew of this film didn’t even bother to let us know their real names because in the credits they all use fake names.  The actors and actresses in this film are very unknown actors and no one has ever heard from the director again.  This adds to the films appeal because the film is about making a snuff movie.  They had a very low budget and they made an ultra gory shock flick that only has you asking yourself, is this real or fake?  One scene that really stands out is the surgery scene.  They are extremely brutal in that scene and I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe what I was watching was actually true.  Needless to say, this is the way the filmmakers wanted you to think with this film.  It’s a rather brutal and shocking movie.  I noticed some of the sounds in this film are very similar to the sounds you will find in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  I can’t recommend this film to everyone because it’s not for everyone’s taste.  If you’re a fan of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Maniac, then I do recommend you checking this out.  I give this movie a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on June 20, 2008

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