If you are a fan of lesser known underground horror then you might have heard about Knife Edge. The movie is more or less the tale of a haunting and after seeing the trailer, this reviewer decided it just might be worth checking out. The director of the piece, a Mr. Anthony Hickox, you might have heard of if you’re a hardcore fan. This is the guy who directed some great stuff. Before his last piece (to be filmed before Knife Edge, that is) Full Eclipse came out in ’93, he had built something of a name for himself through his work on such cult classics as Waxwork, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth and Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat. Having said that, it would make sense that this movie should be a pretty awesome piece of horror film since the man behind the camera definitely knows what he’s doing. So, let’s see how it fares in review.

First off, there’s the story. We have Natalie Press playing a woman named Emma and this Emma character is a stock market wheeler and dealer who has got the Midas touch in her own way. She can read the market and make superior decisions, raking in the big bucks almost at will. However, when she meets the man of her dreams she decides to leave it all behind and go become a home maker instead. The man of her dreams happens to be Matthieu Boujenah, known as Henri in the movie. Henri is very, very French with quite a thick accent. The couple decide they must move to merry old England with Emma’s son and begin a brand new life together. Once they get to England, Henri turns out to have bought them a house. A very large house that is really more of a vast plantation style mansion. Of course, as soon as you see the thing you know there is going to be some sort of “history” to the place. And as all horror fans will know by now, if it is a a big house with a bad history then everything is going to happen again, right?

Here’s where things get a bit disappointing for this reviewer. The problem here is not so much that the story is about Emma hearing voices and different things along these lines and doubting her own sanity – that’s been done plenty and it’s been done well. There really isn’t any reason that, given the man directing Knife Edge, this film could not also be done well. Unfortunately, there is something lurking within the movie, not just the house. The movie has its share of very good shots. Boujenah plays a very convincing Frenchman with a genuine accent – but the accent is so thick it can be very tough to discern what he is saying clearly unless you speak Frenglish yourself. This reviewer does not. The other issue is that the acting really is not up to the quality level that the trailer would lead one to believe in our opinion.

All of the twists and turns intended to keep an audience on the titular Knife Edge hit more like a club after a while – over and over… and dull.

Posted on July 13, 2010

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3 Comments → “Knife Edge (2008)”

  1. Kris

    8 years ago

    Might give this one a miss… I dont think there can be too many haunted house movies, its something i’ll watch again and again but this sounds a little boring, Still had to comment… ‘Frenglish?’ Haha

  2. Sonia

    8 years ago

    it sound great cant wait for it to show here

  3. FrEaK

    7 years ago

    Great movie!!!

    Only the end is not so great….^^

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