JunkA group of thieves rob a jewelry store and make their way to an abandoned warehouse.  There they are planning on meeting someone who is going to pay them a lot of money.  When they arrive at the warehouse, things start to go terribly wrong as they are soon surrounded by the living dead.

The movie opens with these two scientists.  They are in a laboratory and are examining a body.  They soon pull out this green liquid and inject it into the corpse.  This liquid reminded me much of the liquid used in Re-Animator to resurrect the zombies.  Sure enough, this brings the zombie back to life and it eats the two scientists.  Next we meet our stars of the movie.  They are just now robbing a jewelry store.  As they leave they call a guy named Ramon and tell him to meet them at an old warehouse.  The four go to the warehouse and wait on Ramon to arrive.  While they are waiting, they start to have a look around the warehouse, this soon results in one of our stars getting attacked and killed by a zombie.  The other three run out of the room and once they get at the front of the warehouse, they seem Ramon and his crew.  Ramon has decided not to pay them, and just take the jewelry.  Ramon pulls out his gun and shoots one of the robbers.  Soon, the living dead start to attack everyone in there and it’s a fight for survival and everyone is on their own.

I had heard some really good things about this film.  Everyone was telling me how it has some gore that is much like Fulci’s films and it has some very extreme gun fighting scenes.  Well, as I watched this film, I noticed that all of that was in there.  This film doesn’t take long at all to get started, and once it does, it’s non-stop.  The zombies in this one were much like the zombies in Fulci’s films.  The gore was plentiful and looked much more realistic than most zombie films in the past.  It reminded me of Dawn of the Dead for the fact that the people are trapped in a building and zombies are everywhere.  One thing I loved about this film is the fact that there were a lot of zombies.  Many zombie films use only a few zombies, but this one has plenty of them.  The main zombie, the girl, is a super-zombie and is very smart and can’t be killed by a shot to the head.  I really liked the way they made her.  She was very dangerous.  If you’re looking for a great zombie film with plenty of action, I highly recommend you checking out this film.  I give it an 8 out of 10.

Posted on June 20, 2008

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