joy rideTwo brothers, Lewis and Fuller, are going cross country to visit Lewis’s friend named Venna.  They just installed their CB radio and they decide to play a prank on a truck-driver.  As the two talk with the truck driver, they trick him into meeting a girl.  Only the girl is really Lewis and they are getting back at a guy who angered them earlier that night.  They figure it’ll all be in good fun.  When the truck driver, named Rusty Nail, finds out it was all a joke he decides to make the brothers know that they should pay for what they’ve done, as he chases them all through their little joy ride.

At the beginning of the film we meet Lewis and Venna.  They are talking over the phone and Lewis tells her he just got a new car and wants her to spend the summer with him.  So he says he’ll drive to her college and pick her up.  Lewis’s brother, Fuller, decides to come along.  Soon they pick up a CB radio and install it into the car.  While driving on the interstate they start to talk on the CB radio.  They hear all these people talking on it, so first Fuller acts as if he’s meeting this girl named Candy cane.  Lewis plays the part of Candy cane and responds.  The two wait for a while then some other guy responds wanting to speak to Candy cane.  So Lewis decides to go along with it and asks the guy, named Rusty Nail, to meet him in this room.  The two brothers wait in the room right beside it and at midnight Rusty Nail arrives.  While he’s there he attacks the guy in Room 17.  Once the next morning rolls around Lewis and Fuller discover that Rusty Nail tore the guy’s, in the next room, jaw off.  Later Rusty Nail chases all over the interstate up until they meet up with Venna.  Once they do Rusty Nail kidnaps Venna’s friend Charlotte.  Now they must try and save Charlotte and escape Rusty Nail.

I remember hearing about this film a long time ago, and I really did want to see it in theaters, but once it was released it theaters I never did get the chance to see it.  Well with it getting a video release I finally get the chance to see this film.  Many reviews have said that this is a great film, so I went in with high hopes.  What I found was a movie that is a pure thriller.  This film manages to keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat the entire time.  The film starts out with a more of a comic side to it, but once we meet Rusty Nail it’s a non-stop suspense filled film and it doesn’t ease up until the credits start.  So overall, this is a fun movie and very suspenseful.  I highly recommend it, so definitely give this one a try.  I give Joy Ride an 8 out of 10.

Posted on May 30, 2008

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