jennifers body Jennifers Body (2009)When it comes to fun horror movies, especially of the blackly comic variety, you can never go wrong by using virgin sacrifices to Satan that go wholly awry because the girl is not actually a virgin. In Jennifer’s Body, as in all horror movies today, there are no virgins because as anyone in Hollywood can tell you, virgins are one of the strongest prevailing urban legends in our society today.

All jokes aside, Jennifer’s Body is a movie that shows us a wholly different sort of female predator who is more complex than a mere monster along the lines of Dracula. Jennifer (played by the ever ravishing Megan Fox) is a popular cheerleader who has a somewhat jaded outlook on life. Her BFF (best friend forever) Anita (Amanda Seyfried) is her polar opposite and somehow the two have kept what passes for a friendship since their earliest childhood days. When Jennifer convinces Amanda to sneak into a local bar to watch a seedy, dark band perform and then ends up sneaking away with them to the woods, everything takes a turn for the even worse. The band attempts to sacrifice Jennifer to the Lord of All Dark Things himself and succeeds only in helping her become possessed by some sort of nefarious demon that wants Jennifer to eat boys on its behalf in exchange for an ability to heal all her wounds and grant her a dark assortment of other supernatural powers.

Before Jennifer turns into the boy gobbling ghoul that film-goers are expecting to see, she’s a rather stuck up prep social queen. Not much changes after her transformation, but that’s okay because burning social commentary is for critics, not those of us who wanted to see the scorchingly attractive Megan Fox slay a whole bunch of people and look great covered in gore. At the heart of this movie, there’s some sort of look at friendships between girls, according to what some fans are saying, but really that is up to the viewer to decide. Why Anita and Jennifer are friends in the first place is a bit mysterious, but it really does keep the movie going in fun direction as we root for Anita to go from the shy bookworm into the hero the film needs her to be since she is the only one with enough inside information on that avenging angel, Jennifer.

For a movie that gives us plenty of heart pounding action, Jennifer’s Body does a good job at keeping the banter witty and interesting and all in all, it’s a different spin on what might otherwise have been quite a passe` type of movie. The plot, the characters and the gross effects were all brought together nicely in a package that suggests the film’s makers wanted to give us an interesting movie to remember rather than dazzle us speechless for an hour and a half without giving us much of a story.

If you give Jennifer’s Body a go, you’re going to discover that it has a lot more to offer than some critics would have you believe. It’s fun, exciting and darkly clever. Perfect for a first date!

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Posted on October 3, 2009

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