Jeepers Creepers 2A basketball team that just won the national championship are on their way home when their bus breaks down.  When they discover that the Creeper has broken down their bus and trapped them inside, it’s a fight to stay alive because today is day 23 and the Creeper wants one final meal before going into hibernation for the next 23 years.  With the Creeper picking off the athletes one by one, they must rely on the help of a farmer in order to survive the night.

Billy is out hanging up the scarecrows in the corn fields when he notices one of them move.  He takes off running and it leaps from its spot and attacks the boy.  Billy’s brother, Jack, and his father come running out after the boy in hopes of saving him, but it’s of no use and The Creeper gets away with Billy.  The next day, which is now day 23, arrives and a basketball team that just won the national championship are on their way home when their tire blows out.  It is roughly an hour before sundown and the driver wants it fixed as soon as possible.  While the tire is being changed, the athletes hear a radio report about police investigating a burned down church and finding around 300 dead bodies, all of which were missing parts.  After the tire gets changed, the team starts to head back home.  Once it gets dark, they get another flat tire and the bus driver discovers that it was the same thing that caused the original flat tire.  She orders everyone to get back inside the bus, but it’s too late for one of the coaches as he is taken away by the Creeper.  The athletes get back on the bus, but not everyone makes it back on as the Creeper takes a few more of the adults, leaving only the athletes.  Now these athletes must come to terms with their differences if they plan on escaping this creature.  As the Creeper traps them inside the bus, their only hope relies in a farmer out to get revenge for the death of his son, and his homemade harpoon gun.

I loved the original film and it was one of my favorite movies of 2001.  With this sequel, I was eagerly awaiting for the chance to see it.  Once arriving at the theater, I thought it was a bad sign for there to be so few people on an opening night.  As soon as the movie starts, you can tell that it is going to have a much different pace than the original film.  The movie has a nice beginning, but slows down while it introduces us to the characters.  Once the Creeper starts to attack, things pick up for a brief period of time.  That doesn’t last long and the movie quickly turns into a comedy.  There were more people laughing than there were jumping.  I did like the scene where the Creeper gets a new head, but overall, this movie was a bit of a let down compared to the original.  Sure, the original isn’t a perfect film, but I loved it.  This one doesn’t really do the original film justice.  This one girl, I don’t remember her name, of course it was difficult to remember any of the character’s names, but she starts to have psychic visions for no apparent reason, and she dreams of Darry from the original film.  Overall, this movie is worth a rental if you’re a fan of the original.  Then again, if you’re a fan of the original, you will probably be let down.  It does manage to entertain, and it never gets boring, so I give it a 5 out of 10.

Posted on June 20, 2008

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