Island of DeathIsland of Death is the tale of a man and his wife, Christopher and Celia, who have just arrived on an island off the coast of Greece.  At first when they arrive they seem like your normal couple, only things take a much darker turn as we learn that this couple is a bit twisted.  They believe they must rid the island of sinners by killing each one of them on the island one by one.  After each murder the couple gets more and more nervous thinking that they will be discovered for their grisly acts, but they see it as doing what’s right as each one of the sinners on the island are brutally murdered.

The movie starts with us being introduced to Christopher and Celia, they seem like your average young couple.  They are on a boat riding up to an island, once they arrive they are in search of a place to stay.  They meet this guy, asking him where a hotel is, and he insists that they stay in a house that he can get for them.  They agree to it, and soon they discover that this island is full of sinners.  Later there is a scene where Christopher goes outside and finds a young goat.  He grabs it and takes it behind a bush and has sex with it.  Afterwards he pulls out a knife and cuts the young goat apart.  Later on there is a scene where Christopher and Celia meet these two gay guys, they have a strong hatred for gays and Christopher chases one of them down with a sword, the following is completely bloody and violent.  The other guy, Celia stays in the room with.  She grabs a handgun and places it in the soon-to-be victim’s mouth.  She sits there and plays with the victim for a few minutes until the pulls the trigger.  Later on, more and more people are murdered.

I had never heard of this film until about two weeks ago when I received an e-mail letting me know that this movie just received a new DVD release.  In the e-mail they said that the film has been banned for many years and it’s been out of print for ages.  They also say that the movie would be on ebay going for 300 dollars for an old VHS, so I was eagerly awaiting for this DVD to arrive at my house so I could check it out, considering I had never heard of it and it sounded quite controversial.  I never could have expected to see a film that is as shocking as this one is.  I have seen many horror films, but this one is quite disturbing, and the ending is so bizarre and shocking that it will never leave your mind.  It is like no other film that I have seen, this is a pure horror/exploitation film.  If you’re a fan of this film or you have never seen it I do recommend it, but I warn you this is not a film for everyone’s eyes.  If you aren’t a die-hard horror fan then this film is probably not for you.  It is depressing, shocking, disturbing, and just not like a movie you rent for others to see.  For some odd reason I enjoyed it.  It is very fast paced, yet disturbing.  Like I said, if you’re not a die-hard horror fan it isn’t for you.  Maybe that’s the reason, because I am a die-hard horror fan.  Anyway, I do recommend this film, but only for those of you can handle this, and I warn you, it’s not for everyone.  I doubt you’ll find this movie in your local video store for rent.  I know for a fact I’ve never seen this film there, so your only chance of getting it is really to buy the DVD.  This movie came out when such classics as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Black Christmas, and The Exorcist were released, but believe me, this one is by far more disturbing.  If you would like to order this movie, go to their websites here.  Check it out, I give it a 6 out of 10.

Note:  The movie is only available on a Region 0 PAL DVD.  Make sure that your DVD player supports the PAL format before you purchase this DVD, otherwise it won’t play.

Posted on June 19, 2008

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