Intruder IntruderAs a supermarket announces its closing, the entire crew that works there have to stay late and stock the shelves to get ready for a closing sale.  As the night goes on, an psychotic madman roams the store killing anyone and everyone he comes in contact with in the most brutal way possible.

The movie opens with the store manager telling his crew that he has sold the store and that they will be closing down soon.  Soon, a worker’s ex-boyfriend arrives at the store and caused quite a commotion.  Once they get rid of him they lock the doors and that’s when the murdering begins.  The rest of the film is pretty much the killer stalking and killing everyone.

I had purchased this DVD back in October.  It is the uncut Dragon All Regions Pal release.  Well, I never got a chance to watch this movie, even though I had really wanted to.  Well, I had a couple of buds over and we decided to watch a horror flick.  We chose one that none of us had seen, and this was the movie we picked.  As we watched this movie, we found ourselves picking out everything that was wrong with it.  We kind of gave it our own commentary as in Mystery Science Theater 3000 would do.  By the end of the film, we had pretty much made a huge joke of the movie, but we enjoyed it.  The acting is horrible, the plot isn’t original, but the death scenes are great!  The gore scenes in this movie is really what makes it so much fun.  It’s not a movie you should use your brain in, and if you expect a great film, you will be disappointed.  The one thing I’m sure of for this movie is that you have to see it in its uncut version in order to really enjoy this film.  I give Intruder a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on June 19, 2008

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