i spit on your graveJennifer, a young attractive writer, leaves her home in Manhatten to finish her novel in the country.  She rents out a remote cabin in the woods for an entire summer and everything seems idyllic…until the unthinkable happens.One day, while out on a   boat relaxing, four men change her life forever.  The four men, each of whom are familiar to her, force her into the woods where she is beaten and raped repeatedly.   The leave her for dead, but to their demise, she recuperates slowly and seeks revenge.  Revenge by their own hands-she will make sure they will never do this to another woman again!

Talk about a cult classic, this would have bombed miserably if two big time critics hadnt of stopped it from being released.  Of course those critics were Siskel and Ebert.   While this movie is bashed n smashed by well…pretty much everyone. I exactly dont think this is really that bad, the whole entire time your like….”whats the point?”  Well no one exactly figured out what director Meir Zarchi was trying to get at here in this movie but I just done get it.  This movie has good acting, decent production values, and NO MUSIC!  None whatsoever, I didnt notice this until the credits started rolling at the end.  Well overall its decent enough for a rental, I can admit that this is a cult classic though, so I guess i’ll give this a 5 out of 10.

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Posted on May 30, 2008

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