Hypercube: Cube 2Back in 1997, the horror world got a nice shot in the arm by a very different independent film called Cube.  Heralded for its originality and interesting plot, Cube turned out to be a solid film with a worthy cult status.  So of course what happens next is we get the obligatory sequel.  Showcased on the Sci-Fi channel, Hypercube was pumped up for a long time and expectations grew and grew.  Would this one live up to the expectations?   Let’s take a look…

Eight strangers wake up in a strange place where none of them have been before.  Every room they go into looks exactly the same.  The laws of physics are turned on their heads as some rooms have no gravity and others move in slow or fast motion.  The group quickly learns that getting out won’t be an easy task.  Will learn to work together to make it out?  And are some in the group not what they seem?

I’d give more plot but it is hard to reveal character info without ruining some twists.  But with that being sad, this film is obviously just a cheap attempt to cash in on the first.  This is basically the first film over again with a larger budget.  The cube does look impressive this time around.  Much brighter and imposing than the last film, the cube unfortunately isn’t nearly as cool this time.  Gone are the nasty traps that seemed to inhabit nearly every room in the original.  Instead we get the occasional trap that is sadly ruined by awful CGI graphics.  Some are so bad they are laughable.  The mathematical angle that was prevalent in the first film is strangely ignored for the most part in this film. It is touched on but really goes nowhere.  This truly felt like a made for television film, too bad it wasn’t.  The plot twists are either extremely weak or way too goofy to work.  The whole conspiracy theory behind the cube is very uninteresting and the end of the film ranks up there with some of the worst of all time.  I understand trying to shock the audience, but the ending was so pointless.  By explaining the cube at all, you automatically ruin the mystique behind it.  That was the beauty of the first, the ambiguity made it interesting.

While the first cube doesn’t exactly boast the best acting, the sequel manages to sink even lower.  Most of the actors look incredibly bored in scenes.  Most of the performances are extremely wooden and very uninspired.  The characters are highly forgettable and I felt zero compassion for any of them.  I was hoping they would all just die off and the movie would end.  In fact the only guy who can really act is one of the first to go.  Andrzej Sekula directs the film and he does ok.  Although the camera moves just a little much in some scenes, all the problems with this film seem to stem from the story.  Sekula creates a decent sense of claustrophobia and really does what he can.  But I have to say I expected more from the cinematographer of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.

The first Cube is a good underground film that has found its audience.  Sadly I don’t think this one will.  Sci Fi should have just shown the original over again.  Bad acting and a lame story just sink this one from the very start.  This doesn’t make my worst list but my expectations were just much higher.  Do yourself a favor and rent the original instead.  3 out of 10.

Posted on June 19, 2008

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