HouseHorror novelist Roger Cobb is a man on the edge, reeling from his recent divorce, haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his young son, and struggling with his new book about his traumatic experiences in Vietnam.  But when he moves into the strange house left to him by his late aunt, Roger’s precarious sanity comes under siege by nightmares of his dead war buddy, visits from a nosy neighbor, and an onslaught of hideous creatures from another dimension.  Horror has found a new home, and it’s fully furnished with murder, monsters and madness!

This 1986 Haunted House story proves itself time and time again that this is a fun movie to watch.  It starts out with Roger’s aunt hanging herself and Roger moving into her house.  That is when we start to see flashbacks from Roger’s past.  Flashbacks of when he lost his son and of his war days.  Soon after moving into the house strange things start to happen.  Roger believes there is a ghost living in the closet and it only appears when the clock strikes 12 midnight.  His nosy neighbor, Harold, thinks Roger is just as crazy as his aunt was.  That is until Roger gets Harold to witness him opening the closet door to see the ghost inside.  Whereas in other horror movies when someone is trying to show someone something, the ghost never appears and it just makes it look like the main character is crazy.  But in this film when Roger is trying to show Harold the ghost, the ghost appears.  The movie is not scary at all.   There are a few moments that are suspenseful, but that’s it.  Most of all this movie is a horror/comedy and with plenty of humorous moments in this film.  Having seen this movie a couple of times it still remains fun to watch after each viewing.   If you are expecting a really scary ghost story, this is not the film for you, but if you are looking for a fun hour and a half ghost story, then watch this movie.  I highly recommend this classic from the 80’s.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 18, 2008

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