House of the DeadIt’s the biggest party of the year, and a group of friends have missed their boat.  They convince a fishing boat captain to take them to the island, but once they arrive they discover that the island has been deserted.  After discovering that the island has been inhabited by an army of zombies, they team up with the remaining survivors in an attempt to survive the night.

The movie opens with Rudy giving a commentary of the events that took place.  He introduces us to each character and we then cut to his friends who have missed the boat to get onto the island to join the party.  The friends talk with Captain Kirk, and convince him to take them to the island.  They are then followed  by a police officer, played by Ellie Cornell, who stared in Halloween 4 and 5.  Once on the island, they find that the party has been stopped and the island deserted.  They find a house and inside they meet up with Rudy and a few other survivors.  They team up and try to make it to the boat so that Captain Kirk can take them back home.  Once they make it back to the party, they discover that one of their friends has been killed by zombies and it soon gets killed by the cop.  They try to figure what is going on as they manage to get to the beach.  Once there, they discover that Captain Kirk’s boat has been taken over by zombies.  They manage to fight off the zombies, but they’re low on food and weapons.  As it turns out, Captain Kirk was smuggling weapons and has stored them on the island.  They each grab some weapons and take a stand against an army of zombies.  They head back to the house, and there they must keep the zombies out until they can be rescued.

I went into this movie expecting it to be horrible.  Afterwards, I did find it entertaining, but it was still a very bad movie.  The acting is horrible, the dialog is worse, and we have constant scenes of the video game throughout the film.  The good thing about this movie is that it’s short and very fast paced.  The movie plays much like the video game, and because of this, all we get is non-stop shooting of zombies.  The game has no atmosphere anyway and all it is is shooting at zombies, and that’s how the movie is.  Unlike another recent film version of a game, Resident Evil, House of the Dead does have gore.  We get plenty of scenes that feature zombies getting their heads blown in half as someone shoots it.  Another thing about this film that I didn’t like is the fact that it plays like a direct-to-video film, not a theatrical one.  It was good to see Ellie Cornell back in horror films, and Jonathan Cherry does a pretty good job in his role.  I would only recommend this film to die-hard zombie fans.  You may want to wait until it goes onto video so you can rent it, otherwise you’ll waste seven bucks in theaters.  I give it a 4 out of 10.

Posted on June 19, 2008

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