House of 1000 CorpsesIt is October 30, 1977 and two couples are on a road trip for their book.  They soon run out of gas and have to go to a place called Captain Spaulding’s Museum of Monsters and Madmen.  There they get gas and meet the crazy Captain Spaulding.  He takes them on a theme park ride, called the murder ride, where he tells them the story of Dr. Satan.  After the ride is over, they decide to try and find the tree where Dr. Satan was hung, so they get Captain Spaulding to write them a map to where it was.  Soon they pick up a hitchhiker since it’s pouring down rain.  While they are driving her to her home, their car breaks down and they are forced to stay at her place for the night.  Little do they know that her family is planning a huge Halloween party, where these two couples are the guests of honor.

The movie opens with us being introduced to Captain Spaulding and his co-worker.  Two robbers break in and pull a gun to Captain Spaulding and his co-worker’s heads.  Captain Spaulding dares them to attack him and soon ends up killing both of the robbers.  Later that night as Captain Spaulding is cleaning up the mess, two couples come to get gas.  One of the guys starts to ask questions about this place and that’s when Captain Spaulding invites them to take a ride on the murder ride.  He takes the two couples through the ride which features many serial killers.  The final show on the ride is that of the hometown legend, Dr. Satan.  He tells them how Dr. Satan was hung, but the body went missing and even today was never found.  The two couples then decide to find the tree of Dr. Satan, so they begin their search.  While driving it starts to rain.  They see a hitchhiker and pick her up.  She tells them that Dr. Satan’s tree is right near where she lives.  On the way home, someone shoots the tire and they are stuck.  The hitchhiker, named Baby, tells them that her brother can fix the car.  She invites them into her house where they meet all of her family.  After their car is fixed, they try to go home, and that is when the Halloween massacre starts.

It has been nearly three years since the original release date of this film.  After Universal dropped this film, Rob Zombie, the director, had been trying to find a distributor until, finally, Lion’s Gate picked it up.  Now, after three years of waiting to see this movie, the wait is over.  Was House of 1,000 Corpses all I expected it to be?  Well, I am very pleased to say that it was.  There are a few bloody scenes and one scene that is a bit gory, but it’s not overdone.  The main thing about this film is the disturbing imagery.  Most of this imagery gives this film a feel that was also felt in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  One can tell that Rob Zombie is definitely a fan of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, mainly because this film is much like it.  In fact, if this was  Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel, it would be an excellent one at that.  Instead, this is a rather twisted film that has a feel to it much like that of 1970’s horror films.  It is very raw and gritty and non-stop.  The characters are very twisted, but Bill Moseley stands out above all of them.  He can truly portray an evil performance as the character of Otis.  Another character that was pretty twisted was the character of Baby.  She reminded me much of the girls that are in Rob Zombie’s music videos.  There is a little bit of a back story in this film about five missing cheerleaders, and it shows flashback footage of what they did to the cheerleaders.  This footage appeared to have been filmed with a video camera, so it has that documentary style that Texas Chainsaw Massacre had.  These scenes also often reminded me of Rob Zombie’s music videos with the way that it was brought out.  As an end result, I can see why this film was dropped so many times by studios.  It is a film that isn’t like any other film out today.  It has a very violent nature, much like that of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films.  This movie is a non-stop horror film.  I watched it twice, and after the second time it still left me wanting more.  I give it a 9 out of 10.

Posted on June 18, 2008

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