HorrorFive teens escape from a drug rehabilitation center after hearing a sermon by Reverend Salo Jr.  Once they arrive at his house, they discover something very horrifying going on.  The rural house has been taken over by demonic forces.  and teamed up with Reverend Salo’s daughter, Grace, the five friends must try and survive the night.  Soon, ghosts, zombies, goats, and a crazed man with a shovel are after these teens and teamed up with Reverend Salo’s daughter, Grace, the five friends must try and survive the night.

Grace is outside fixing the Christmas lights when she sees a goat behind her.  She climbs down the ladder and makes her way to the front porch.  She tries to get inside when Reverend Salo Jr. attacks her and stuffs her in a bag.  He then carries her into the house and brings her into a room where his wife awaits.  Luck and his friends have just escaped from a drug rehabilitation center.  Luck has just shot and killed a security guard.  The five friends then drive off and make their way to Reverend Salo’s house.  On their way, Kevin, eats some mushrooms and ends up turning into a human ice cube.  Once they arrive at the Reverend’s Luck goes into the house.  There he finds two demons attacking a young girl.  He shoots and kills both of them, who happen to be Reverend Salo Jr. and his wife.  Later on, Grace goes into the barn to find Luck and his friends with Reverend Salo Jr. and his wife in body bags.  Things go from bad to worse as Kevin is soon attacked by zombies and now it’s a fight for survival as the demonic forces send these kids straight through Hell.

In Dante Tomaselli’s newest film, Horror, he takes everything that was good in Desecration, and makes it better with Horror!  The first 15 to 20 minutes is rather slow as we are introduced to the characters, but unfortunately it doesn’t do a good job because we don’t learn all the character’s names until later on in the film.  Once Grace finds Luck and his friends in her barn, the film really picks up and it’s non-stop horror as we are treated to vomiting blood, zombies attacking, some crazed killer with a shovel, and so much more.  The film has this feeling of dread and it doesn’t ease up, not even during the credits as the music is very effective.  Speaking of the score of this film, it really helps with the mood and gives you a feeling of dread that is often not found in horror films.  Desecration showed us what kind of potential Dante Tomaselli has.  Horror shows us that Dante Tomaselli knows how to deliver a solid and often scary horror film!  For the final 45 minutes of this film, I don’t think there was a second that I didn’t have a feeling of dread for these characters as I wanted to see what happened next.  This is a film that will keep you thinking long after it’s over, and it proves that an effective horror film can be made without a big budget!  Horror delivers, and it’s highly recommended!  With only a few minor flaws, and non-stop horror, this film is a must see for all horror fans!

Posted on June 18, 2008

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