High TensionAlex and Marie are heading to Alex’s house for the weekend to study. As night falls, their plans will soon change as a deranged serial killer arrives at Alex’s doorstep and starts slaughtering her family. Now, with Alex trapped in the back seat of the killer’s truck, it is up to Marie to catch up with the truck in time to save Alex before the killer finds out of Marie.

With finals approaching, Marie is going with her friend Alex to Alex’s house for the weekend to study. This is the perfect place because her house is in the middle of nowhere and there is nothing to do in her home town. Once at Alex’s house, Alex introduces Marie to the rest of the family. As night falls and everyone is preparing for bed, the dog starts barking and someone starts ringing the doorbell. As the father goes toward the door, unknowing of the danger that is about to befall his family, he opens the door and lets a serial killer inside. Now, as the serial killer starts to kill each one of them, Marie hides terrified that the killer will find her. Alex is tied up and locked inside of the killer’s truck. Marie manages to get inside of the truck in an attempt to save Alex, but the killer drives off with them both inside. Now, it is up to Marie to save her friend before the killer realizes that Marie is there.

Haute Tension is a non-stop horror film from start to finish. Once the suspense starts, it does not ease up for a bit. Haute Tension, or Switchblade Romance, which is the American title, is very brutal and quite gory. I saw the R-rated version and it was still brutal, violent, and gory. I could only imagine what the uncut version is going to be like. The gore effects were done by the same crew that used to work on Lucio Fulci’s horror films.

The acting in this film was beyond exceptional, especially from Marie. Once the killer starts to attack, there is very little dialog for the remainder of the film and it relies on Marie’s emotions to keep the suspense in the film going. Overall, if you get a chance to see Haute Tension, definitely do so! It is supposed to go into theaters fall 2004 in its fully uncut NC-17 form, thanks to Lion’s Gate. Haute Tension is by far one of the best horror film I’ve seen in years, if not the best horror film to come out in a long time. Unlike most horror films that have come out that rely on comedy to keep it going and eventually working its way into horror, this film remains true to the horror genre and is a true horror film. Much like horror films of the 70’s, this film is a brutal ride. I have read that people hate the ending of this film, however I knew what was going to happen beforehand, so it didn’t bother me. However, I did find the ending to this film to be very well done. I could see how some would prefer a more simplistic ending, I thought the ending was a bit horrific and worked well for this film. Haute Tension is well worth the time for anyone who is a fan of horror to see. I simply loved this film! I give it a 10 out of 10.

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Posted on June 12, 2008

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