Hide and Go ShriekA group of teenagers just graduated high school and to celebrate they are throwing themselves an all night party in a furniture store.   No one knows they are there and they are planning on having a good time.  One of them suggests that they play a game of hide and go seek.  Well once they get the game started they realize that there is an extra player in the game.  And as the numbers of the players start to fall, they realize they must become the seeker and find out what is going on, instead of hiding and meeting a horrible fate by the hands of a madman.

The movie opens by showing us the inside of a room.   The room is completely dark.  A moment later we witness a man in the room sitting in front of a mirror.  The man is putting make-up on.  Soon the man gets in his car and goes in search for a victim.  He meets a hooker on the street and takes her into an alley and there he kills her.  Later we meet the eight teenagers who are planning on spending the night in the furniture store, a store owned by the father of one of the teenagers.  Each one tells their parents they are staying at someone elses house for the night.  As soon as they arrive at the store they begin to play a game of hide and go seek.  They end up giving the game up once a couple doesn’t return and they in turn go lookin for them.  As they split up another couple is killed by the killer.  Soon the remaining four find that there is someone else inside the furniture store and they decide to stick together.  As they are searching for this other person inside the store they discover the bodies of the other four who disappeared earlier that night.

I had heard some very good things about this film and I in turn also liked it.  It’s a step above other slashers from the 80’s.   The acting isn’t as bad compared to other slashers and the killer is truly insane.   We witness the killer kill each of the teenagers and before he goes in search for his next victim, he uses whatever they have and makes himself look like that person.   Plus the lights are out so it’s not that hard for him to fool the others in the store.  All in all this is a nice little slasher film that manages to entertain.   If you are looking for a good horror film to rent, definitely check this one out.   I give this film a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 18, 2008

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