HellraiserFrom beyond the Outer Darkness, from the blackest corners of a family’s past, from the nightmarish realm of the imagination comes Hellraiser.  An old family home holds untold mysteries…and horrors for Larry Cotton and his wife, Julia.  There’s floorboards that rattle, rooms that absorb blood, and the heavy and haunting air of things long past and better left forgotten.  Secret alliances and murderous seductions have been made which will propel the Cotton family into the horrifying and shocking conclusion of Hellraiser.This is one of the scariest movies ever filmed and one of my favorites.  This is one movie that doesn’t really rely on the heavy amounts of gore to make it scary, it’s still scary.  It does have a heavy amount of gore, but it’s used right.  There is Uncle Frank, who lives in an upstairs bedroom and he has no flesh on his bones.   Julia, Frank’s brother’s wife is bringing Frank fresh victims so that he can restore himself back to the way he was.  Our hero of this story is Kirsty, played by Ashley Laurence.  She has to escape her uncle and the deadly cenobites who she brought out of a puzzle box.  This is one serious horror film, not your average slasher.  In this one the Cenobites aren’t the main characters or the main villians.   Instead they are more like gatekeepers.  In fact, Pinhead doesn’t even have the name Pinhead in this one like he does in later films.  Instead he goes by “Lead Cenobite.”  Clive Barker originally wanted Julia to be the horror icon of this film, but fans wanted Pinhead to be it.  This is one of the most amazing horror films ever filmed.  I highly recommend this one.  I give it an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on June 18, 2008

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