Hell BoySixty years ago, Rasputin and his Nazi team tried to create hell on Earth.  The U.S. managed to stop him from doing so and sent him into Hell himself.  However, something did come through.  Now, for the past sixty years, the Federal Bureau of Paranormal Defense has raised this red creature, called Hellboy, along with other freaks of nature.  Hellboy is the government’s secret weapon against paranormal entities, and now that Rasputin and his Nazis are back, it is up to Hellboy to stop them from again trying to bring Hell on Earth.

It was during World War 2 when Rasputin had found a way to bring Hell on Earth.  However, the U.S. managed to stop him from doing so, but he still managed to get a demon put onto this Earth.  That demon was just a baby at the time and the U.S. government decided to keep it alive and raise it with them.  Now, in present day, Dr. Bruttenholm, Hellboy’s named father, is dying.  He is searching for someone that can take his place in the Federal Bureau of Paranormal Defense, and he has entrusted the newly graduated agent, John Myers to join the force.  As John goes to the FBPD and discovers all of the secrets, he comes across Abe Sapien, an under water creature that can read into objects past and future.  He is soon introduced to Hellboy, a legend the media has found to be similar to Big Foot.  When there was a break in at a local museum, the FBPD goes to investigate only to find a hell hound has been summoned.  Hellboy takes on the beast by himself.  After killing it, he goes to contact Liz Sherman, a girl that he is in love with.  This girl is a fire starter, but is starting to control it.  She used to be with the FBDP, but left because she wanted a normal life.  Now that Rasputin is back, he wants to use her to lure Hellboy to him so that he can create Hell on Earth.

It is easy to tell that Hellboy is a Guillermo del Toro film right from the beginning.  The action is plentiful and the lighting is that classic del Toro style.  Not to mention, Ron Perlman is staring as Hellboy.  Hellboy is definitely a fun film to see in the theaters.  It is very different from Blade 2, and on some levels it’s a better film, however on other levels it’s not.  Where Hellboy suffers is in the character development.  Hellboy, Liz Sherman, and John Myers were developed very well.  Hellboy gives some excellent lines and the classic Beauty and the Beast storyline is evident throughout Hellboy for he loves Liz, yet she looks like a human and he does not.  However, this is more of a Beast and the Beast story since Liz is a fire starter and could torch anyone she comes in contact with, except Hellboy since he’s from Hell and fire does not harm him.  John Myers has that rookie attitude with him throughout the beginning of the movie.  He is constantly unsure of himself, and is always trying to do what he is supposed to do, even if that means following Hellboy into battle with a hell hound.  The other characters were somewhat developed.  I found Abe Sapien to be a very intriguing character with his ability to see into the past, present, and future of everything he touches.  However, this does lead to a few questions later into the film as to why he couldn’t see what Hellboy’s destiny was.  As for the villains, the only one that was somewhat developed was Kroenen, the robot guy with blades that came out of his arm.  I guess del Toro believed everyone knows the myth of Rasputin, so he wasn’t developed that much, and as for his girlfriend, I don’t even remember hearing her name.

Although there are a few flaws in Hellboy, it is still a non-stop action ride from start to finish.  The dialog is very good, and Hellboy gives some excellent and memorable one liners.  Ron Perlman was an excellent choice to play Hellboy.  He looked the role as well as had an excellent voice for delivering Hellboy’s one liners.  However, even in this film you can see that this is not a role that Ron Perlman will be playing for a very long time.  If they’re going to make a sequel, it would be best if it is sooner rather than later.  Still, Hellboy is definitely this years superhero movie, or at least until Spider Man 2 comes out.  Check out Hellboy in the theaters, it is well worth it.  I give it an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on June 18, 2008

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