HeadcheeseWhen a group of filmmakers are getting ready to make a movie in the director’s back yard, a crazed serial killer who has a Scream rip-off mask has started to off the cast and crew.  Now, it is up to the remaining survivors to find out who the killer is and stop him before he kills the rest of the crew, and hopefully to have enough crew members to finally finish their movie.

Henrique has gathered a group of people together and they have just completed filming a project.  Now, they are working on a new film, Carpet Monsters From Outer Space.  As his crew starts to get assembled, someone is putting on this whacky Scream rip-off mask and is starting to kill everyone on the production.  Now, Henrique and the survivors must team up in order to defeat this killer before he destroys their movie.

Henrique definitely emphasizes the cheese in Head Cheese.  This movie was very cheesy and often hilarious.  The gore was abundant and would often spray in people’s faces just for a comic effect.  I also liked the reference that Henrique made to Evil Dead 2 when he loses his hand and has a shotgun.  Overall, I found Nerd’s Night Out to be a far more entertaining film, however this one definitely does not fail to entertain.  If you’re into cheesy independent horror films with no budget, check out Head Cheese.  I give it a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on June 17, 2008

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