He Knows You're AloneSet in a small New York suburb, the story centers on a young bride-to-be who becomes convinced that someone is watching and following her. Repeatedly, she catches glimpses of a tall, gaunt figure carrying a butcher’s knife, but her friends assume she is merely suffering from a case of pre-nuptial jitters…until, one by one, they discover the grisly truth for themselves.

The one thing this film is known most for is the fact that it is Tom Hanks’s first film. He doesn’t have a starring role, and doesn’t show up until around the middle of the movie. This film is a pure Halloween clone from the music to the way the killer walks, but it’s still a great 80’s slasher film. I saw that this movie was going to be on tv a couple of years ago, and what got me interested in seeing it was the title. I found that the title just drew me to the movie. Well I had watched it and was surprised, it wasn’t bad at all. Then I went on a search to find this film, and that was no easy task. This film had been out of print for years, but after some time of searching for this film I found that my local video store was getting rid of a lot of old movies off the self, and they had this one. So basically, I got lucky when I found this. This is a movie that you should only see if you like the 80’s slasher genre. I give it 6 out of 10 stars.

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Posted on June 17, 2008

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