HarvestersKey East Entertainment brings us this absolutely weird movie.  An outlaw gang is on the run from the law.  When one of the members murders a liquor store attendant, the leader of the group, a lesbian Gulf war veteran, decides they must hide out.  They kidnap a young woman and force her to take them back to her home.  Once there, the gang completely takes over the house and tells the family that if they try to escape, one of their daughters will be killed. But when the gang stumbles upon this families dirty little secret, it quickly turns into a bloody  game of cat and mouse.

This is one strange movie.  How many other movies have a lesbian war veteran as a main character and a scene where a hot chick masturbates in a bathtub filled with blood?  Not many!  The story is actually pretty good.  It twists and turns while at the same time manages to stay fresh.  There aren’t any real scary moments, but there is lots of gore, gore and more gore.  There are a few annoying problems with this movie though.  For one, some of the special effects were done with computers and most of them look absolutely ridicules. Also, the entire movie seems to have been filmed with a soft focus lens, creating an extremely blurry picture.

Sound and video are good and clean.  In terms of special features, there is a cool making of featurette and a couple of trailers.  Overall, this is an interesting horror movie with a few flaws and a very small amount of extras. I recommend it as a good weekend rental and give this DVD a 6/10.

Posted on June 19, 2008

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