Halloween: Resurrection

It has been three years since Michael’s last rampage which left six people dead on Halloween night.  Three years ago Laurie Strode thought she killed her brother once and for all when she cut his head off with an axe.  Now Michael is back and he is very much alive.  This time he’s after some people who are hosting a live web show in his house called “Dangertainment.”  As the show goes live Michael returns to his home and begins to kill them off one by one.

The movie opens with Laurie Strode.  She is in a mental hospital and hasn’t said a thing in the past three years.  The doctors say that it’s  because of the guilt that she killed a man.  We witness flashbacks of the night when Laurie killed who she thought was Michael Myers, but we see how Michael managed to survive.  It is Halloween night again and Michael has returned to take on Laurie for one final time.  Michael goes to the hospital and kills a few people to get to Laurie.  He soon finds her and chases her up on the roof where Laurie manages to catch him and has the chance to kill him.  Instead of killing him once and for all she asks him some questions like “Are you scared of me?”  and “Are you afraid to die, Michael?”  I thought those lines were very cheesy, but anyway.  She gets too close to him and you can guess what happens next.  After that we meet our cast who has all won this contest to be on a live web cast on Halloween night taking place in Michael Myers’ house.  Soon as the web show starts Michael returns and he kills them one by one in a variety of ways.

Well, I was expecting the worst when I was going to see this movie.  I had heard some people saying that it’s one of the best Halloween films, and Halloween is my favorite series so I was looking forward to checking it out.  Well with the first 15 minutes we see something that I knew was going to happen, but it seemed kind of sad to see Laurie get killed.  She’s been there since the very first one.  She wasn’t in all of them, but she’s been alive since the first one.  Anyway, we see some a really good opening and this had really gotten my hopes up considering I was expecting the worst.  After that when the main characters come in my interest just started to slip away.  Within a matter of minutes I could barely keep my eyes open.  The movie gets really slow paced and becomes fairly boring while we meet the characters and up until they get into Michael’s house.  Once Michael starts to attack things start to pick up again.  One thing I must say about this one is that it is good to see Michael back to being merciless.  I just hated how he only killed a few people in H20, and in this one he killed almost everyone he came in contact with.  Another scene I knew was coming, but didn’t really expect to see it this way was the scene where Busta dresses up like Michael.  He has a run in with the real Michael Myers and started screaming and hollering at him.  The scene is hilarious, but really off beat for a Halloween film.  Well, Michael ends up just walking away from Busta in that scene.  Another thing about Busta is that he’s a huge Bruce Lee fan and he tries to use that to save his life against Michael later on in the film.  Now, this film has its good points, which is how Michael is back to his brutal ways, but it also has its bad points.  The characters are boring and aren’t very well made.  I don’t even remember any of their names, except for the main girl.  I don’t even remember Busta’s character’s name.  We see parts of the film through the cameras set up in the house and that gets annoying.  Another thing I hated about this movie was that it just seemed like it should have gone straight to video.  Anyway, don’t expect much from this sequel.  It completely ignores parts 4 through 6, so I guess we aren’t going to hear about what happened to baby Steven.  It also doesn’t say about what happened to John from H20.  Anyway, if you’re a die-hard Halloween fan like me, you’ll want to see it, but you will probably be disappointed.  It has a lot of bad things and has some good.  I give this movie a 5 out of 10.

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Posted on June 9, 2008

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