Ginger Snaps BackTaking place in the 1800’s, Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald have taken refuge at Fort Bailey.  However, the people at the fort have a dark secret, they are surrounded by werewolves and little do they know, Ginger has been bitten by one and is changing without anyone knowing.

Ginger and Brigitte are looking for shelter.  They come across an old woman that tells the girls to “kill the boy or one of you will kill the other.”  Not sure of what the warning means, the two leave the camp.  After which, Brigitte gets her leg caught in a bear trap.  An Indian saves her and takes the two of them to the Fort.  At the Fort, the locals aren’t too excited on having outsiders.  Later on, Ginger discovers a young boy who was bitten by a werewolf locked in the house.  She unleashes it and it bites her.  Now, she is turning and there is no one to help  her, except Brigitte.

The original Ginger Snaps was an excellent movie.  Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed was an amazing followup.  Unfortunately, Ginger Snaps Back left something to be desired.  The twisted endings and the dark atmosphere has always been something that has made this series of movies stand out.  Part 3, on the other hand, is simply another werewolf flick, except this one has the Fitzgerald sisters in it.

Katherine Isabelle and Emily Perkins both do an excellent job in this film, and it was good to see other cast members taking on small roles.  The final thirty minutes do move quite quickly and are definitely violent.  However, there are a few bad things about this film.  The characters weren’t nearly as developed as the ones in the previous two films, and the atmosphere just wasn’t there.  The film had more gore, but that’s not what makes a Ginger Snaps film great.  It’s always been about following a character as they go through the change.

Overall, check out Ginger Snaps Back if you’re a fan of werewolf movies or just want to see the third part in the series.  However, don’t expect this one to be as good as the first two films, although it is worth a rental.  I give this movie a 5 out of 10.

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Posted on June 6, 2008

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