ghost ship Ghost ShipForty years ago a boat just mysteriously went missing out in the middle of the ocean. Now in present day a salvage crew has been hired by this guy to bring in a boat he found out in the middle of the ocean. As the crew agrees to it they end up on the boat only to find out that the boat is filled with ghosts from the past and they don’t want this crew to leave.

The movie opens with probably one of the better openers I’ve seen in a while. We see the boat back forty years ago and everyone is dancing and having a good time. We meet this little girl who is very bored. The captain decides to dance with her. Soon everyone except the little girl gets killed in a very unusual way. I won’t spoil it for you though. After that we go to present day and see our main characters bringing in a boat they had just brought up from the bottom of the ocean. That night the crew is celebrating at a bar when a man walks up to the captain of the crew, played by Gabriel Byrne, and offers him a boat that has been missing for forty years. He tells him that he wants twenty percent of the findings. The captain eventually agrees, but only offers the man ten percent. The man agrees as long as he can go too. As they get on the boat the character Epps, starts seeing this little girl everywhere. Soon they find gold on this boat and decide to leave the boat and take the gold. Now as they are trying to leave the ghosts start to attack and they aren’t willing to let anyone leave alive.

Like I said earlier, the beginning probably had to be one of the better openers I have seen in a movie in a while. It had some great gore effects and the camera really didn’t go away from the scene. Sadly, after that scene we only get one really good scene later on in the movie, and that’s the exact same scene, just a bit more extended. The ending was very predictable. I could tell what was coming even before they got on the boat. The characters are paper thin. As you can tell from reading this review, I could barely remember any of their names. So once the characters start to get killed off you really don’t even bother to care what’s going on. After the great opener we don’t see anything happen for an hour. I remember looking down at my watch and noticing an hour had passed without us seeing ghosts. When we finally do see ghosts, only a few are used. At first it shows plenty of ghosts, but only a few are used to where they should have been used. Normally when a movie lacks suspense, they can somehow make it into a fun flick to watch, but this one was just far too boring. I guess the only scary thing about this movie is the fact that they left room for a sequel. Out of the two ghost movies that just came out, see The Ring, it’s a much better film. I give this movie a 3 out of 10.

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Posted on June 4, 2008

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