Fright NightCharlie Brewster lives in a quiet little town where nothing ever goes wrong, but all that is about to change when he gets his new neighbor.  His new neighbor is Jerry Dandridge, a man who prefers the night life.  When the bodies of young women are found dead each morning and Charlie sees them at Jerry’s house the night before, he suspects Jerry of something.  Only to his surprise, he discovers that Jerry is a vampire.  Now that Jerry knows Charlie knows his secret, he will pay Charlie a visit each night until he gets Charlie.  Charlie seeks out the help of his girlfriend, his friend, and Peter Vincent, a famous vampire hunter.  Together they will go to Jerry’s house and take on this creature of the night.

The movie opens with us being introduced to Charlie and Amy.  They have a TV show playing called Fright Night, hosted by the vampire killer, Peter Vincent.  Charlie and Amy have a little argument and Charlie sees something outside his window.  He sees that someone is moving in next door, but what he sees is a coffin being moved into the basement.  Charlie asks his mom about the new neighbor, and that’s when she tells him that someone finally bought the house.  The next day on Charlie’s way home he runs into a lady.  She is looking for the house where the new neighbor lives.  He points her in the right direction and leaves.  The next day her body was found murdered.  Charlie then suspects his new neighbor as a murderer.  That night he looks out his window, into the new neighbor’s house to find him with a new woman.  The neighbor then reveals his fangs and is about to sink them into the woman until he sees Charlie looking.  Charlie is convinced that he is a vampire and the next night, Charlie’s mom invites the new neighbor, Jerry Dandridge, over for a drink.  Later that night, Jerry traps Charlie’s sleeping mom in her room and has a talk with Charlie.  He tells Charlie that if he forgets what he saw, he will let Charlie go.  Charlie can’t forget so he seeks out the help of Peter Vincent, his girlfriend Amy, and his friend Evil Ed.  Together they go after this vampire as a real Fright Night begins.

I’m not the biggest fan of vampire movies, but there are quite a few that I love.  Near Dark and Lost Boys are two examples of those.  I feel that those are vampire movies that are done right.  As for Fright Night, I’ll place it right up there with those two.  Fright Night is an excellent film that delivers great effects and will have you laughing all throughout.  The Peter Vincent character was absolutely hilarious.  Evil Ed was played by Stephen Geoffreys who also played Hoax in the movie 976-EVIL.  Anyway, Fright Night is a perfect example of a vampire movie done right and I loved every minute of it.  I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Posted on June 3, 2008

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